Thursday, March 26, 2009

Intent complete + Bonus Material*

SOOOO... remember those intentions I made? Back in January? In lieu of goals or resolutions? I am sure you have been keeping tabs on them for me! Hardee har har. Any who, I have been keeping tabs and I am proud to announce that I actually accomplished one. I barely tried but I did try in some perverse way. I ate CARROTS and hummus for something crunchy/tasty or a banana instead of M&Ms for something sweet and by Gawd it worked!

At any rate, I made it to my pre-Marisa weight!!! The intention was actually to lose 5 lbs by March 30th. The date is arbitrary but it gave me three months to attempt to lose the 5 lbs. I guess I technically lost 6 lbs which definitely is on a day by day basis but it is nice to achieve that without much work. And NO NO the stomach flu did not get me to this point though I did think I might lose a bit more but since last week I have been eating like a little piggy to make up for the lost calories!

*The other bonus to this: since December I have lost two clothing sizes since I making that intention! Which is CRAZY to me because it took me TWO years to get to this size after I had Matthew. SERIOUSLY. I am amazed by how differently my body bounced back after this baby. I know that a huge part of that really had to do with my mental state after I had Matthew versus Marisa.

SO with that intention "complete", I am moving on to the other one with reference to weight loss which is to lose TEN pounds by August 2, 2009. That is Marisa's 1st birthday. I made this intention to correspond with summer because I knew that I would not have the time to "exercise" per say but we do get out and go for walks almost every evening after work with the kids and the summer weather will allow me to get out on the weekends and be active. I decided not to be tied to a machine or class after all. I am still considering a yoga class but it all depends on the kid's schedules. I want to optimize my time with the kids while getting in shape which is just a personal thing on my part. I know I could just go off and work out but I want to spend any time I am home with the kiddos so I will have to be as creative as possible. Oh and cut out the weekly trips to DQ, for real this time!
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