Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rub A Dub Dub Two Babes In The Tub!

Over the weekend, we decided to let the kids take a bath together. We figure there is a very small time frame when we can do this as they are fairly far apart in age as things go. Matthew is horribly possessive about "his bathroom" and has struggled off and on about Marisa bathing in his tub. He also did not like it when I put her toys in the tub area and was really upset when I got her little bathing thingy out. We stopped using the bathing thingy (what the heck do you call that thing anything?) a while back since she has been sitting up unaided for a while.

On Sunday Marisa needed a bath and I said "Matthew do you want to take a bath with your sister?" His little face lit up - he has been asking when he and Marisa can take a bath together for awhile so I suppose his day was made. He beamed the entire time, showed her all his toys and sat on his side of the tub and she sat on her side. Of course my camera's battery died two photos in so these are the shots I got:

As you can see, Marisa is ummmm teething and could care a less about the steady stream of water, soap and other sundry things happening during this bath as long as no one touches her Ariel sponge book!
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