Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Seven Months

Kay, I have this super cute photo at home but all the stupid rechargeable batteries are DEAD therefore these is no way to upload and show you the super cute photos. Those photos were also supposed to say 'HEY look here is my SEVEN month old...' There was this pretty music that was playing in the background and that screeched to a halt. Now can you hear me screaming 'Oh MA GAWD WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!??!' I mean FOR REAL. SEVEN MONTHS. LIKE TODAY.

Marisa is all big and chubby and looks the same as the other 4 billion photos I have posted but man she was not SEVEN months old in those and now NOW she is!? Like wha?!

She is eating solids (waaaaaaaaaaaail.) She now enjoys rice cereal AND homemade warm yummy sweet potatoes (that are SO good I eat them too ;) that her sweet loving Daddy made last week. I am thinking of trying something green and easy to make next... Avocado anyone? Or Carrots. Which are orange and may turn her skin orange and will definitely turn my steamer orange but Matthew LOVED carrots. Or Bananas. Oh the possibilities are endless, sort of. Kay, I am getting into this solids thing again can you tell? Though I am not so much in love with scrubbing down that stupid high chair. Bah to that! But still ahhh solids and baby equal super cute.

She is all up in her brother's shit. She wants to pull up but also wants to explore and see what she has been missing out on. And Matthew... NOT IMPRESSED. He runs around grabbing everything from her hands say MINE MINE MINE.

Also, I feel as if this may be the hardest part of having two but the number of small and chokable (hmm spell check hates this word but it is MY word and dammit it stays... I am cracking people, I am CRACKING!) items that are now available for my sweet darling to, er, umm choke on are EVERYWHERE!!! Yipes.

We lowered her crib (waaaaaaaaaaaaaail) over the weekend. She was rolling over and pulling up and OMG another hazard to watch for on the flat screen of death (AKA the baby monitor.)

She has taken to wailing loudly every time I start to move away from her. She looks at me all smiley and happy and then suddenly it dawns her that Mommy is walking away, away AWAYEY EY EY EY (that is how she cries all pitifully sad like that... makes me milk all let down-y - freak!) If she is with Kevin and Matthew she is just fine. It is like this every time I walk in and out of a room. I love her for this but I totally have to pee SOME TIME!

Her sleeping patterns SUCK, at best. We decided to try just getting rid of the pacifier here and now. Not sure if this THE very best parenting idea we have ever had but it is the only difference I can think of between now and around four months old when she started this hellish sleep pattern of UP ALL NIGHT. Okay that is also basically when I started back to work but well, well that is not going to change so I may just have to SUCK IT UP and deal if that is the "problem". Anyway you look at it man being a zombie is not my cup oh tea. I keep telling myself ALL NIGHT LONG that it won't last forever, how could it possibly last forever then I splutter and spit and sob loudly (for real!) all over myself as I back peddle through the thought of Matthew and his horrible sleep patterns that lasted TWO YEARS, people TWO YEARS!

Any who, that is about all I can think of for seven months and the promise of cute photos to follow. I mean she is still cute and all but now she is SEVEN MONTHS OLD OH MA GAWD!!!

Happy Birthday my little seven month old Sweet Pea!
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