Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tears From My Eyes

My sweet little mohawked peanut... ugh this crying it out stuff sucks girl. We will survive and hopefully in a few days we will see less of the last two photos and more of you sleeping peacefully in your own crib. Tonight has been the toughest on Marisa and I. Kevin held strong and after an hour she fell to sleep. I know some people do not agree with the crying it out thing - heck I struggle with it but we created a monster with Matthew and I believe in some ways are still battling that monster to this day. I cannot do it with Marisa too - it is draining every bit of energy I have out of me.

Speaking of, Matthew was so sweet tonight. He took a nap today which he never does any more so he was having a hard time sleeping but it was made worse by Marisa's crying. Matthew crept into Marisa's room during the midst of the crying and brought all his Mickey Mouse figurines in to her "help her go to sleep". Yup I cried the instant I looked down and saw them on the floor by her crib. He and I had a rough day, the two of us. How kids can turn it all around in one fell swoop... it amazes me.

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