Thursday, March 12, 2009


I love where we live. I was a little tentative when we first decided to move into the house we currently live. I wanted to MOVE, capital letters, bold, away from the area we first owned a home. I wanted a new location, a better neighborhood, a nicer home, different schools. I also wanted a reasonable tax on a new home and I wanted to pay as little as possible for a nice home because the housing market was already showing signs nationwide of falling apart when we made the decision to move.

I think I vaguely remember talking with Kevin about moving right then because if we waited too long it would be a heck of a lot harder to sell our home in a crap market. We also did not care that we did not make a profit on our home because when we bought the home we knew from the neighborhood that homes in the price range we paid were not "investment" homes that we were going to make money off of even if we stayed in that home for five or more years.

I was even more nervous when the horse farm down the road that was so pretty suddenly became a freaking construction zone about five months after we moved. The farm that the realtor assured us would never ever be sold for housing (lesson #1: Realtors have NO CLUE!) In our old home we lived near an apartment complex. NEVER AGAIN - it was an obnoxious collection of people who could be clearly heard & seen from our old backyard (lesson #2: look around and do detailed research on the open spaces near your new home - the realtor will say anything to sell the house!) I told Kevin that if they planned to build apartments or anything remotely like that we were moving. They ended up putting in higher end paired patio homes that are going for a lot more money then they ought to be, quite frankly. No complaints on my end - the people buying these overpriced patio homes are mostly older folks. And the patio homes are cute and well maintained by the builder.

Over the weekend, we had fantastic early spring weather. Weather that allowed us to break out carpis! and sandals! and shorts! We put on sunscreen and sun hats. I placed Miss Marisa in her brand new jog stroller and Matthew put on his helmet. And we all "walked" over to the trail by our house. The trail was truly a 2ndary thought when we bought and moved into our current home but I cannot imagine NOT having access to that.

Matthew thinks the stream near the trail is his personal rock throwing place. He loves the walk as do we. After we walked over to the rock throwing stream, I left the boys to go for a RUN! Yes, I know what I said - A RUN! It was awesome. I felt fantastic. The jog stroller is awesome - I wished I had one with Matthew. Marisa fell asleep while we were out and I ran/walked for about three miles. I got to thinking about "the trail" and its awesomeness. I can literally walk from one end of the south side of town to the other. As the trail reaches further stages of competition I eventually will be able to walk/run/bike almost to the downtown area. I love that.

Mostly, I love that it is close to spring despite the cooler temps currently. I am excited to use "our trail" and I am enjoying our "new" home and its location more and more even two years later! I think it felt like with the pregnancy last year and then the new baby, enjoying my home was on hold for some reason. Now I am getting a chance to embrace it and I love that!!!
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