Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eggscellent Easter!!

5:45 am - Matthew having a HEART ATTACK that indeed the Easter Bunny came. He was ELATED if you cannot tell by that grin on his face!

The Thrill of The Hunt

The Boy: A Quarter and CHOCOLATE
The Girl: Ohhh look a hunk of dirt - let me practice that pincher grasp thing.

Easter wha???

Matthew: A satified and content look after he found all the eggs, hard boiled and plastic alike
Me: Can we go inside it is COLD out here?!

Matthew Bunny

Marisa Bunny sporting the runny nose

Full shot baby bunny

The fancy gold Godiva chocolate bunny who lost its ear not long after I took this picture as all good chocolate Easter bunnies should!

Happy Easter To All!
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