Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eight Is Enough

A co-worker had to REMIND me TWICE that today is Marisa's 8 month birthday. What is happening to me?!?! I am usually on top of this... I think it was the stomach flu! The toddling that she is doing! The lack of sleep! The freakin' database change at work that essentially made me feel like someone chopped off all my limbs and my head so I am sitting here typing to you like a bloody stump (how's that for celebrating my baby's 8th month birthday!? So cheery...) WORD.

Also, I have this recent Facebook addiction that is embarrassing to admit. That and the whole dammit I am going to lose 10 lbs by Marisa's 1st birthday then proceeding to stuff my face with every bit of junk food I can get my hot little hands on. Whoops.

Well, my wee tot is EIGHT months today. Here are some things I know I have commented on about three thousands times already and/or I am too lazy to check back on last month's birthday "celebration" post to see if these things happened this past month or two months ago. Such accuracy!:

* Marisa is crawling.

* Marisa is pulling up.

* Marisa is cruising using everything imaginable namely my leg while I try to cook dinner (grrr!)

* Marisa is wearing 12-18 month clothing

* She has HAIR and lots of it - it is very red

* I have no idea what she weights but it feels like 20+ lbs

* We have yet to baby proof the house beyond outlet covers - We rock. Safety 1st.

* Marisa is eating: apples, sweet potatoes, rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, bananas, winter squash and summer squash. Next up: Green beans and Avocado

* We thought she hated solids but it turns out she was just teething or something

* She will also eat anything mixed with rice cereal/oatmeal to "thicken" it up

* She will try everything at least once and does not really get fussy when rejecting things, she just looks disapprovingly at you. It is quite humorous.

* She still loves her momma's milk the most

* She has two pearly whites still.

* Marisa can say lots of things and rambles on incoherently - her favorite sounds are the b, d, m and lately she does this ffft sound that cracks me right up

* She stares in awe of Matthew and all that he can do

* She is definitely plotting to get to the point where she can do what he does

* She LOVES the water and SCREAMS when I run her bath

* Marisa is having her first temper tantrums when she cannot get her way - they only last 20-30 seconds. One day I know they will last 20-30 minutes so these make me laugh.

* She is my sweet little chickadee no matter how big she gets

I love you baby girl!

* I totally stole this idea from some random blog that I saw one time. I loved the idea but Marisa was already like four months old. Every month I intend to do it and never do. Better late than never I think!
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