Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heart Ache

I read several blogs. One blog led me to another and another today. These made my heart even more heavy today for various reasons. I have been reading about Maddie and Thalon. My thoughts are with these families today.

The family we work for went live with their "memorial" to Zachary. They have vowed to find a cure for his type of cancer. To fight for him even now that he is gone, to keep his memory alive.

Last night, Kevin and I talked about his mother. Numerous things. It was like the flood gates came open. It is hard, cancer and all that it entails. I keep thinking to myself - those left living are the ones that have to try to pick up the pieces and move on. To smile each day even after the loss of a child, young or older, or a parent, a loved one, a cherished soul. Whatever the case may be.

I guess I am trying to make sense of death at any age. I want to go home at lunch today and smell the tops of my kid's heads. Give them kisses and hugs. Hear their laughter. Hold on to every moment that happens from here on out and cherish the preciousness of life because nothing is forever and if we wait to give love until a later date then we are failing miserably as humans.
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