Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We have so many projects and needs in our house I think we are and have been a bit overwhelmed by the whole process. Couple that with the fact that it seems like we are suddenly travelling or committed to something every weekend for the next few weeks and I am just not sure we are going to get it all done.

From a financial stand point we need to weigh the options heavily because of course all of these things cost money and we try to be reasonable about where to spend money. Though I am gunning for a flat screen, it is a bit frivolous when our current TV works just fine - so what if we cannot read that pesky tornado warning that has fallen off the screen! Ohh and another lap top... but I digress.

Any who, we are currently in the midst of our first couple of projects. Kevin is "installing" the brick border around the garden beds in the front and back yard. We did the beginning of this project a year or so ago. We did not know how it would look so we decided to start small and see if we loved it or hated it. We loved it so we bought a whole pallet of bricks that are currently taking up residence in our driveway... getting wet. Come on GOOD weather!

Then there is the flooring project. We had huge plans initially. We were going to tear out all of the carpeting in the house and replace it. Then we decided the basement carpet was fine since it is just a play area anyway. We were going to do hardwood in our upstairs living room but we looked at the cost to replace all that crappy pergo flooring and gaw it is expensive to replace flooring.

SO we are currently getting the tiles redone in the basement near the sliding door and by the bar area. They were cracked in both places and also that is were Lucy tore of the carpet about five minutes after we moved into our house. The flooring dude said the tiles likely cracked because they are laid over concrete which is, in his words, 'hard and cracks'. To which I quipped like DEATH and TAXES. He chuckled at this and he is not the chuckling type.

The flooring dude is also our neighbor and I busted that out the moment Kevin said he thought he was our neighbor. He was much nicer after I said something about that so there's that. We are getting the carpet upstairs "stretched out" or something technical term like that. They are going to cut a piece of the carpet from one of the hall closets and fix the other spot that Lucy tore up. It is a quick fix until we decide to replace all of the flooring. Which means YAY no more stupid little green carpet to trip over 12 times a day.

We also need to repaint the trim on all the doors, power wash the house, stain the fence and deck, buy and plant the family garden, mulch the hell out of the garden beds and buy a shit load of furniture.

Furniture buying is hell for me. First of all, I like quality stuff but just like housing in this day and age, the prices are over inflated and what you get is generally crappy. If I had the time and energy I would like buy some "antique" pieces and fix them up or unfinished pieces and stain them myself. Both things I am capable of after working in an unfinished furniture store for three years in Grad school. The operative words here are time and energy! I like dove tails and smooth sliding drawers and expensive hard woods. I hate particle board and drawers that are nailed together. *Scoff*

Do you know how hard it is to find these kinds of items at reasonable prices? Also, knowing what I know, do you know how over inflated the price of furniture is??? They mark it up like 60%. If I went factory direct, something worth $1,000 in a store is likely only a couple hundred from the factory. It is BS.

Matthew needs a headboard and a desk with a hutch. Marisa needs a five drawer dresser. We want to replace our glass coffee table and end tables with the same stuff we bought from Crate & Barrel. We need a new couch set and we want to replace our kitchen table with one that has a leaf so we can make it larger and smaller as we need to. WE still after all these years want an outdoor table set. I have so many books they are coming out my ears. I would love to have two large built in bookshelves in the basement, one day.

The stuff I like and want is pricey on all counts. We just need to do things one piece at a time I guess but still it leaves me feeling still like our house is never going to be finished. That by the time I finish all these projects there will be 50 more things that need to be done! Do not get me wrong, I love doing this stuff and owning a home is groovy but the home projects, oy, they may kill me*!

* Me, being relative, of course. While I help with a lot of stuff, mostly I just pick things out and either get Kevin to do it and watch or pay someone else to come do it for me. Mostly I work to make money to pay for these projects which is tiresome too, right!?

ADDENDUM: The new tiles looks AWESOME! And the carpet repair upstairs?! I want to kiss the repair men!!! SO worth the money, inconvience and dust!
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