Monday, April 20, 2009

I am four. One two three four (beaming smile!)

Matthew is FOUR. I think it has taken me a few days to let that sink in. I welled up on Sunday night at 9:25pm thinking of where we were and what we had been through that day four years ago. The wonder of bringing him into the world combined with the pain of birthing, the trauma of having a different birth than the "plan" entailed, the beauty of my little red headed blue eyes baby. Who is so suddenly four.

We had our four year well check up Monday morning. He did great. He actually got on the scale to be weighed and measured with only a small amount of resistance. He did an eye test that he failed miserably at and a hearing test which he also failed spectacularly! It was great - he does not seem to be blind and only pretends to not hear most of the time. This made me laugh inside. The nurse said they mostly introduce this to the four year olds. My son... I think he was shy because of the cute blond nurse administering the tests and I truly believe he was trying to play it cool in front of her. SEND HALP NOW btw!

We started on the "test" to see where your kid falls in the age category. It took forever mostly because dudes four years olds? Their attention span is as short as a three year olds, it turns out hardy har. Matthew kicked ass on the test. He did not get to the last two and that was because he was bored out of skull by that time and he is amazingly in awe of Dr. Franklin. She walks in the room and he just grins from ear to ear at her. It is pretty cute. The little plastic paper test set him at 5 years and 10 months. Hmmmm... still has the attention span of a three year old. See also too smart for his own good!

His favorite part of the visit - the book and walking like a penguin which he continued to do at home later.

His weight and height measured slightly different then at home which does not shock me. He was 41-1/2 inches (75 percentile) and 40 lbs (75-90 percentile). He was deemed healthy, cute and Dr. F just shook her head and said at least three times "look how big he is getting... it is amazing isn't it?" Indeed.
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