Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Randomness is Random

Spring time is hell on my nose and sinuses. It makes my nose hurt just to even think about all the pollen and dust in the air. I have these sneezes that could stop traffic they are so loud.

With that said, it is SO beautiful outside. This is my 2nd most favorite time of year. When the trees burst into bloom and the bazillion bulbs we plant every year suddenly surprisingly pop out of the ground. I need to get out with my camera - I am dying to get some shots of things around the house and neighborhood.

Marisa's outfits today and yesterday were both sized 18 months. However she still has come 9 month pants she can fit in. Weird!

Matthew was the same way - he was wearing 18 month clothing at 8 months!!

I love Wednesdays at work because we get bagels and fruit from the BBC from our boss. I hate the hour long meeting format we seem to have gone to for our AM meetings. 8-9am is too much quality time with all of these crazy high energy people.

I love my hot mug of coffee and I have no idea how people live without something steamy hot and strong like coffee each morning! My favorite drink at Starbucks however is not coffee - it is "The Caramel Apple Spice" drink. Essentially hot apple cider with whipped cream and caramel and OMG it is SOO good!

Marisa has peeps. We were out to eat at the Olive Garden on Monday and a lady came up to our table and said "you do not know me but Marisa does..." Umm she is EIGHT MONTHS OLD! It was her baby sign language teacher. It was pretty funny and Kevin and I giggled over it all night long. We were also very tired so maybe it was funnier to us and less funny to you.

Does anyone else get scared of the potential photos that someone can post to Facebook of you? Seriously... I can only hope there are no QUESTIONABLE photos out there that include me doing things that might be deemed un-parent like material. I mean I was a total angel all through high school and my full time job as a college student for nine years... RIGHT (wink wink)!

Does anyone else have an issue with The Biggest Loser? Okay this is my issue. I like this show. I look forward to it each Tuesday mostly because I am so NOT into AI any more. I think it is the new judge - she TOTALLY bugs me. I digress. What bothers me is that I wonder if the people on there are for real. I think some have always been overweight and have struggled with weight like Ron. But sister girl who was a "former" model, she makes me wonder. In fact EVERY season there are a few who make me wonder about whether just had a good ole time gaining weight just to get on this show. Model Girl stated last evening that she gained 100+ lbs in the last year and a half. I guess I just wonder did she gain all that weight so she could get herself on the BL and potentially win 1/4 of mill. She seems so... insincere when she talks. Or maybe I just do not like her much. That is my issue.

That and it is SO unrealistic. I mean no one has 6-8 hours a day to devote solely to weight loss. I am a firm believer in diet and exercise as the only keys to losing weight. However, I take issue with these hour long shows that do not accurately portray the HOURS of work these people do on learning about diet and the amount of exercise they are actually doing. Also as Swistle said today "celebrities" who are size 0 who say they lost weight by running after their kids. Ummmm... yeah. Not a SIZE 0 over here either and I run my ass off all day (and night in some cases) both at work and home and I am not losing weight like that either.

How come I cannot keep my random thoughts short??? Any random thoughts that you have for today?
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