Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Here are the freaky stripped tulips that Kevin paid too much for from some catalog LAST fall then proceeded to NOT plant them. There they sat on the work bench in the garage. I said they were moldy and would not produce anything. I was wrong.

They are kind of cool, no?!

Sunsetting over the Magnolia tree

The Family Garden Plot - that corner over there is Marisa's and that middle part is Matthew's and WAY over there is Kevin's section. Notice, I take no responsibility. I just take pictures, mmm kay?

On to my other little flower...

'Ahh Mom I have a pacifier in my mouth. I would never ever put this shoe in there.'

'Ahhh whatcha doing over here Ma. I want to chew on your NOSE, pluezzz?'

'Oh fine no nose. Then I will eat my shoe. HA!'

'Okay okay shoes are gross to chew on. Back to the pacifier. You always spoil ALL my fun.'
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