Monday, April 6, 2009

Tooth Cutter

Marisa cut her THIRD tooth, top center on the right. This could explain her behavior again. No rest for the weary - the whole cry it out while your child is teething is a BAD idea. She cried herself hoarse on Saturday so I just gave up and brought her to sleep with me.

She is also learned to CLAP this weekend which is of course adorable and sweet and I am in love with clapping these days. I do not remember distinctly Matthew learning to clap mostly because he was SO focused on walking, not that Marisa is not but she is calmer and more careful about learning to walk.

Of course, she is pulling up on everything and anything she can get her hot littls hands on. The banister in our kitchen is proving to be a good "practice zone" for cruising. It feels like she is minutes away from walking... Oh and we are good parents - we finally put up the gate. It is still dangerous - if you come to my house please ask for instructions on how to go through the gate so you do not fall to your death below. Sigh.

Eating is better with Marisa too. She is eating almost everything we put in front of her from apples to green beans because we cut everything with oatmeal or rice cereal. Otherwise she scowls in disgust and tries to steal the spoon from our hands so she can chew on the spoon.

This time in a baby's life never ceases to amaze me - how quickly they grow and how changes seem to happen in pairs and threes.
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