Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ups and Downs: Four Edition

We went to B&N after our doctor's appointment as I promised him on Monday. We read books and enjoyed our time until we had to leave. This is where it all "to hell in a handbasket" as my mom likes to say! I was going to buy some books for birthday gifts for other kids and Matthew threw the most SPECTACULAR fit to date.*

Matthew has, in his short life, not really thrown many temper tantrums in public. There was this one really embarrassing moment where I remember he threw himself on the ground in Lowe's and I dragged him on his side a few feet before giving up and hauling him over my shoulder and out of the store while I was largely pregnant. Sweet! Seriously. For the most part, the kid just hangs in usually until we get to the car before flipping the f*** out.

On Monday, he freaked. He screamed. LOUDLY! I am sure most of the people in B&N think I suck as a mother because he was screaming 'I WANT A BOOK I WANT A BOOK' - yo I am not depriving this kid of anything - he got more for his birthday than he did for Christmas for real! He also proceeded to throw himself on the floor, he clung to me almost knocking me down twice, he clawed at me, he hit me and he tried to run out in front of a truck once we were in the parking lot. He did this for - get this - FORTY FIVE MINUTES.

Four. It's looking up! The better part of this - I actually had to suppress my laughter at least half a dozen times. I do not know why but yesterday this just did not bother me. Go me!

We hit the Children's Museum in Indy for his actual birthday on Sunday. We had a ball. He did not want to leave at the end of the day. He played more then humanly possible. It was quiet and uncrowded there. It was the perfect rainy day activity. We all left smiling & it was well worth the time and money. Generally when we have gone to this Children's Museum, I leave thinking it will be a cold day in hell before I go back.

This time it made me want to go back it was so much fun! Matthew was thrilled. He had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, played like a fiend at the museum and he got to have his first piece of chewing gum on the ride up to Indy. He about died when I said 'yes' that he could have a piece. The expression on his face was PRICELESS. He chewed and chewed and did such a good job even telling me he was done and spitting the gum into my hand when he was done.

We are so proud of Matthew. He was so sick this past week/weekend with this hacking cough that kept him almost half the night before his party and some of the night before the children's museum. So he had a temper tantrum to wake the dead on Monday, and most of Tuesday and Wednesday as well. So he freaked out when he had to blow out candles on his birthday cake at his party. So he pitched a fit over his birthday presents for Kevin that left Kevin ready to explode. So he screamed for almost two hours at bed time on Wednesday night.

Matthew has bucked up in so many other ways in the past few weeks. The boy... he knows something is horribly wrong with Grandma and is struggling with that as much as we are. In his own way. We are trying so hard to remember he is just four. And yet I stand in amazement. He is FOUR!

*Just so you know, in case you were worried, I let sweet little Matthew KNOW that I was going to buy said books when we first sat down and I reminded him of this three or four times during our visit to curb this very thing from happenings. Seems that I failed miserably on that front though I think even if I had nothing to buy he would have flipped anyway. He was just in the mood to do it for whatever reason.
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