Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rum Shaking Like Eddie Murphy

Things that made me laugh out loud this week:

There is a hill on a street in town and if you are going above a certain speed and hit it just right it makes your tummy do that roller coaster flop. Matthew seems to think he feels this flop feeling in his penis rather then his tummy and he was telling anyone whose car he was driving in about this feeling in his penis. Kids are weird. Any way, I told him he should not tell people besides Mommy and Daddy about the feeling in his penis and he could only whisper it, don't ask me why!? Yesterday on our way to visit friends Matthew screamed "OH I FELT THAT IN MY PENIS"

Then he whispered "oh Mommy there's a digger over there." I have no idea why this made me laugh, it was probably something you had to be there for but it cracked me up.

Matthew has also taken to doing a dance - it goes like this. He turns his bum around to face you and shakes it and he says/sings "rum shaking like Eddie Murphy." Kay that is funny. Please do not ask me how he knows who Eddie Murphy is or why he says this. He just does!

For your viewing pleasure (courtesy of Kelly), baby rolls:

"Halp they are keeping me prisoner - HALP!"

"Hmm no one came to help. I guess I am stuck with the strange boy yelling about his penis and the woman who seems to be chronically stressed out."
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