Monday, May 4, 2009

Stats of A Nine Month Old

Marisa had her nine month appointment today. She did very well. As of late, she has developed a new appreciation for the wider world in that she suddenly does not want anyone but Mommy or Daddy (and Ashley), but mostly Mommy, to hold her. And if someone else besides Mommy is holding her, we must be in close viewing range. This is not 100% the case as she can still be distracted enough to allow us to leave the range to say use the bathroom, etc... but for the most part we must stay nearby or else WAILLLL stranger danger.

She nursed before we got in the car so she took a little nap on the way to the doctor's office. I was early so I cruised around neighborhoods "house hunting". Just as an FYI I am NOT planning to move but I love to house hunt just for the fun of it - you know I do not need to move, just the fun of looking! Any who, she was mellow like jello when we got to the doctor's office AND we got called right in which hardly EVER happens!

Of course this check up takes about 15 minutes so we were in and out, like a fiddler's elbow (wink wink Jen!) She was deemed healthy and lead free and off we went. Once again our co pay was paid out of this mysterious "credit" which I believe is not a credit but just the money we have in our HSA but it feels great to be told time and again we have a credit ;)

The lead test is a finger prick for blood. A bunch of blood. We have all had the finger prick, right? Yoooch. It hurts. Marisa never made a peep. And she just gazed at the nurse while she pressed and squeezed on her wee finger. Actually Marisa was more upset when I removed the band-aide in the car where she did the old back arch scream because evil Mommy took her new handy teething toy. Er, if I recall I left the band-aide on Matthew for that test when he was nine months. I had to pull over to fish the band-aide from his mouth. Fun times people fun times.

SO drum roll please...

Marisa is in the 90th percentile for her head size. I have no idea what that number is - she just has a big ole cranium like her brother.

She is in the 75th percentile on her height. 28 inches. Which is wrong BTW. I totally watched her put the pen marks down and well it is VERY unscientific. But whatevs.

She is in the 75-90 percentile on her weight weighing in at 21 lbs 3 ounces. She is not a big as I thought, again a big shout out to Jen (in Detroit~)!

According to the chart fill-y out-y thing (again SO scientific) she is 14 weeks and some hand full of days old. Good job little Marisa good job!

She is SO close to walking y'all. Any day now she will just take off and go like her brother did. She has taken a step or two here and there. And she lets go all the time, tottering on her chubby little thighs looking pleased as punch, thrilled to be FREE but then she will plop on to her well cushioned bum and try it all over again. She is murderously upset that she cannot walk and will shout about it every chance she can get. It is as if she is saying how dare we try to set her down on her butt to, you know, SIT. She wants to STAND STAND STAND. Even in the ever loving tub, which had made bath time my own personal hell. If I try to make her sit in the tub she does that back arch screaming flailing about thang and hello WET baby squirming wildly in the tub... that is NEVER EVER fun!

She is about 2 weeks ahead of where Matthew was when he first walked SO if she wants to be ahead of him on that front she needs to take that "step" NOW! Heh, step. Um yeah I am that dorky!

After her doctor's visit, she came to work to visit with all of my co-workers and had a ball. Another co-worker's wife came with his kids and it was like a big party in here. She promptly had the hiccups back in the car from all the excitement and I am fairly certain that after all was said and done that she napped for a quite a while this morning after I left for work!
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