Thursday, June 4, 2009

Calling A Spade A Spade

I am calling it: Marisa is walking. Or I should say she has been walking.

She is now taking 8-10 steps at time but likes to fall down a lot. Hence the 900 kazillion bruises on her legs and backside.

She basically started walking last month early on in May doing 1-2 steps unassisted but it has just not been as clear cut with her as it was with Matthew. Once Matthew discovered he could move as a biped he never ever looked back where as Marisa knows she can go faster in crawl or cruise mode so she will give up walking when she wants to get somewhere fast which generally means that she wants to get to me fast, lately. She still cruises some but is "practicing" this walking stuff with no assistance more and more. I forgot how funny it is to see a little tyke walk all Frankstein lurch like with their arms up in the air or out in front and squacking all the while. My kids... OY with the early walking (see also bah!) BUT it is still crazy fun and exciting too :)

In addition to this developing development, she is cutting another tooth or ten... Oy. Sleepus interruptus for another week. At least I had a brief reprieve from it last week. I suppose I can do every other week of not getting decent sleep. WOE.
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