Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clearing the Cob Webs

I went for my 2nd run this week, last evening. I started out thinking I was just going to run "around the block" and go home. But once I started running I just decided to do the "thirty minute" run because I was out and sweating anyway - why stop at around the block?

When I am out running, it feels so amazing again! I feel happy to be on my own, running, thinking. It is like riding a bike - a little rusty but getting better each time. I forgot how I used to run and think. I used to write stories in my head and rush home to write them down. I used to pray and dream and wonder and worry when I ran.

There was the pressure like my lungs were in my sinuses as I ran up that hill by my house yesterday. It reminded me how out of shape I am. How far I have to go.

The wicked stretch and pull of muscles long unused - crazy how long it has been since I last actually committed to exercise, five years!? The burn all over. I wonder to myself - did my knees always pop and snap this way?

I love that dark part of the path where the trees grow over. It is probably dangerous to be running alone here but I love it. I always did like those places the best when I ran in the past.

I used to run to escape crappy things like a bad relationship, the stupid things I did when I was younger, crappy family situations.

I saw five bunnies last evening along the way - one tiny little baby bunny who just watched me go by as he/she nibbled on clover. I gave that bunny a wide berth - why ruin his/her meal with my running?

My favorite place to run in the Midwest was Lake Superior by far. I love that place - it is mystical. If you have never been to see Superior, do it. Run along the lake shore in the evening and you will feel like a new person. I love that lake with all my heart - nine years of running along it will do that to a person I suppose! It is big and ocean like and a wonderful place to float your worries away.

My favorite place to run in the world: in the hills near Almaden, in California, by my old house there. I love me some hills. I used to be able to run all hills all the time and my lungs did NOT end up in my sinuses!

True story - I broke my elbow running. TOTALLY! I was out running with new Adidas shoes. I seriously tripped over my own two feet, by accident, for real! The laces on these shoes were slippy and the loop became really huge and before I knew it CRASH I was on the ground, bleeding and broken. My ego was hurt as much as my body and my disc man was TRASHED! Shut it, it was late 90s people - iPod was likely not even a concept in some computer geek's mind! Better part of the story - I ran ALL the way home - about three miles with a hill in there! I was cut and bleeding and as I ran I watched my elbow swelled up to the size of a softball. It was GROSS (PS: I was uninsured at the time and had to pay out of pocket to get it looked at - SUCKAGE!)

My favorite time of day to run - in the evenings, always. I am not a morning or afternoon person. I like to watch the sun set, see the critters and birds come out to play, I like the quiet of that time of day. I believe this is the time of day most like an outdoor church when I can commune with nature, with my spiritual beliefs. I love that in the summer it is hot and steamy - I feel like I am accomplishing something that way. Weird, I know.

I love that today I am re-establishing what I used to love about running when I was in my 20s. I am glad my love affair with running is still there. I used to make it a goal to run everywhere that I went - every job interview (and there a lot back in the day...) in every small town or big city, every vacation I took, or family visit home. I feel like I get to know where I am better, by foot. I have a fresh new perspective on my life, my home, the town I live in by running here.

I feel so unbelievably blessed to be able to move - to feel the cobwebs fall away and re-establish this small part of my past life. One of the best parts from my past. That I have the choice to do this today, I love that most of all!
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