Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's DAY

Today was errr umm okay. It started out nice. We all slept in (relatively speaking - 7:00am).

I made yummy French bread french toast topped with powdered sugar, organic Spud puppies, beautiful red ripe strawberries, turkey sausage and Caribou coffee. We all ate till we were full. And then some :)

Then we waded out into the swamp that was Indiana today which is when/where things seem to take a slight turn for the worse. Kevin wanted to hit the 'O' Park so we could see the new park down the path and wade into the stream to look for fossils and geodes. We had a lovely time doing this all except Kevin and I were both on edge. I think we were both tired and hot and just plain grouchy. Plus I woke up with a charming migraine that lasted all stinkin' day... That is mostly what the day was all about.

After the park we went for a drive searching for some elusive land that Kevin wants to see. I do not think we ever found it but we did get to see a baby deer!

We dug through the crap in the garage sorting for this futuristic garage sale we are planning. Kevin labeled stuff. Matthew and the little girl from next door argued. She is a new one - Emma - and while she is cute she and Matthew seem to need to have an older person in charge. Emma is just 5 and it seems cousin Olivia is a must for them to play together. Oh well. Emma had to go home so Matthew and Kevin hit the backyard 'pool' while Marisa had a cool bath. Marisa was very patient while we sorted. She spent her time sitting, playing her in her play pen but the girl was hot and sweaty when I finally brought her for that bath!? UGH.

We hit the grocery store then I took the kids for a walk (HOT and sweaty bah.) Then we just gave up on the outdoors and played like fiends inside. Marisa is basically walking and Matthew digs this. SO we threw some of Marisa's balls around (they are soft so less harmful to the house then anything Matthew has these days!) and played catch and we were just silly. We had some veggies dogs (For me) and hot dogs (For Kevin) for dinner plus mashed potatoes and veggies.

We got the kids to bed. Kevin FINALLY finished off the "brick" project (which he started in APRIL...) and we are going to bed soon. It was a heck of a day, intermixed with good and bad. Father's day and our anniversary. Kevin is such a good Daddy and just like I said yesterday he is wonderful and I cannot imagine parenting with another person. I cannot imagine my life without him. I love you Kevin! I see you in the kids every day. In their smiles and actions and all that is wonderful. Just like you!

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