Monday, June 22, 2009

For The Birds

For no good reason (ahhh totally avoiding work, let's be honest) I went back to the first post I wrote on this blog. Do you know what I realized I LOVE about blogging and the reason I do it? Because I forget. I forgot how little Marisa was just this past OCTOBER. How I used to call her little birdie and now I do not, because she is no longer little and she is definitely not bird like any more.

Not with that laugh she has - a rather hefty guffaw that we some times confuse for crying till you walk around the corner and there she is smiling like mad and laughing her arse off. Why? Because she thinks everything is funny. The kid hardly EVER stops laughing. I love that and I do not want to forget that.

Especially when she is rolling her eyes at me and demanding that I hand over the car keys because she is a gum snapping self centered 16 year old.
Because I forget and also because we seem to be sucking in the parenting department recently (all the time?) but also because dudes how do you people with more then one kid, and possibly MORE kids, do it? Listen, this weekend I fished the following items out of Marisa's mouth:
a rock
a piece of bark
a piece of pen (like the cap but it was a clicker pen & I have NO idea how she got that off...)
a SMALL rubber bouncy ball of the blue-ish color
Some grass from the kitchen floor
two different door stops (one from our room and one her room)
and the piece de resistance, and this one went all the way down, A FUCKING PEANUT.

WORD. That is good parenting right there. She is not allergic to peanuts, as an aside. Seriously Matthew must have lived in a bubble because I never had to fish a dang thing out of the kid's mouth. This one?! Crap I hope she makes it to one... Come on Marisa just a couple more months, baby, you can do it!
Here's to forgetting things, right?! Ummm. SO yeah little birdie she is not. Choking hazards suck. Baby laughter is like an instant high. This parenting stuff is turning my hair grey. Now that is for the birds... (come on - I had to figure out a way to tie my title in somehow?!)
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