Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going to the zoo zoo zoo with you you you

'Tis dark and gray with thunder crashing all about us at the moment. SO why not relive this past Saturday when it was sunny and warm and happy and we were NOT in town but rather we were in Cincinnati. A place I actually LOVED and want to visit again. Like a new friend, I want to get to know it better, to see more of it. We hit the Zoo which was AWESOME and the IKEA which was even more AWESOME as evidenced by the fact that I took NO photos in IKEA (forgot my camera, dammit) and we spent as much time in IKEA as we did at the zoo (scary.) We plan to visit WKRP in Cincinnati again SOON! Here is the evidence of our trip!

On the drive to Cincinnati...

Marisa in her greasy looking mirror which I have since cleaned

Matthew told us on this trip that he is okay with photos again. HA!

(I am listening to a Podcast here - either The Onion or NRP something or another. Podcasts totally ROCK!)


Kevin was getting our tickets so here are the kids waiting - No, Marisa is NOT eating that rock that Matthew is showing us in the photo. She is just being bribed to be quiet with some Cherrios.

Right after I took this photo - Matthew started throwing dirt all over the ground. We quickly rushed away from that spot and scolded him... leaving the mess for some poor Zoo employee to clean up. NICE.

Best photo of my sweets yet!

Matthew peeking - do you see the lion sleeping there in the corner of that photo?!

Matthew actually wanted ME to ride on the train with him - it was so nice to be wanted :)

Goat from Marisa's perspective - it must be weird to be so small! I always wonder what on earth she is thinking about the world and how it is viewed from her eyes!

Feeding the goats - he later told us that was his favorite part of the zoo

I do not know what Matthew is doing here - he's four people he's four - that is all I can say!

I love this photo... Momma nursing baby - I wish we could all be so public and proud!
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