Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello mother, hello father. Greetings from Camp Arrowheada!

My wee baby of four years started CAMP today. WAIL. I packed the BEST lunch EVA for the kid. I told Kevin it was totally the lunch of my dreams when I was young. HA!

Also, he is now officially signed up for preschool. HOLY. CRAP. OLA.

Kevin said he had one of those 'O' mouth moments when someone asked how old Matthew was at the park and Kevin replied four. He said he had to stop and contemplate the fact that Matthew IS FOUR! O.M.G.

Finally, we had a baby sitter watch Marisa on Saturday while the three of us had a family outing to see the movie, Up. SO sweet, very adult in many ways. I cried to the point of subdued sobbing at the beginning and end. Definitely a movie I want to buy and own so I can watch it again and again. Now if I could just get someone to watch both kiddos so I can see Star Trek (total Trekkie geek on the DL!), Night at the Museum, Transformers II... ahhhhm... why yes, I am THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD, SHUT IT!
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