Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hey Boo-Boo, A Pic-a-nic Basket!

Do you ever see photos of yourself after an entire day of wearing something and think 'well crap that outfit was a bad idea...' Yeah that was SO me today. Not just the outfit but the commitment to losing weight because dang I need to keep working on the old weight loss.

Any who, today we went out to the big lake in the area to hit the beach. Only once we got there we found the beaches were all flooded so we made the best of the 30 minute drive and had a picnic, played in the woods and actually had a chance to put our feet in the water near the boat ramp that was flooded as well. It was a perfectly sunny day with just the right temps and breeze and well we had a lovely time. Matthew told me NO photos so no photos were taken of him. Trust me he was there and I do love him and want photos of him but I stuck to my word and did not take any pictures. Here is Marisa - she cannot tell me NO yet!

The Hat Game - Marisa's loves Kevin's hats

Riding Along My Automobile - still in awe that she sits in that thing so happily!

Blowing All Her Peeps Out THERE Kisses!

Kevin & Marisa have really bonded lately and she giggles every time she sees him. It has been really darling and I love that the attention has shifted a bit away from me from time to time!

Bye Y'all - Have a nice Sunday or so says Marisa anyway!
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