Friday, June 12, 2009

The Office

Do ever wonder what other people's offices look like? Well, I do. It is this weird voyeur thing. I also like to run/walk at night so I can see inside people's houses, which may also explain why BOTH houses we have had have NO front windows and I close the blinds very early! Any who, I happened to randomly have my camera* at work yesterday and I decided to let you peek into my little work world!

(click to enlarge.)

The widest view I could get - There is more to my cubby then this. I have a window on the left but I hardly open the blinds because like a naked mole rate the light blinds me. I have a whole other desk on the right that I use exactly NEVER. That part of my cubby holds my calendar and MORE photos and a box of tissues and on a really bad day a shit load of dirty dishes because I eat ALL day at work.

I LOVE my two screens and highly recommend it to anyone who will listen. Note the WALL O PHOTOS. It is how I commune with my babies during the day. They alternately calm me down and push me forward to be successful at work. Clearly no one visits my cubby much as evidenced by the mass of clutter. Indeed, there are three beverages on at my desk. I am always drinking something - coffee, hot tea, water or a LaCroix.

There is also a bunch of Matthew art up in my cubby**, a lot of paper on my desk which makes me laugh because I do nothing in my job that requires me to have paper on my desk, a phone, some lotion (that has been at my desk - this is the THIRD desk I have had in this office - since I started in 2004 - GROSS! Please never ever cheap out and buy a large bottle of Sauve lotion. It sucks.) I even closed my cubby doors - behind that cubby door is, you guessed it, food. And some books and more paper. Oy.

I have not one, or two but three calendars at my desk in addition to the three on my computer - that is a total of six. And yet if you know me I regularly ask people what day it is (both what day of the week and the date...) Not sure I should have reveled that about me but it's out there now.

I also have a clock besides the one on my computer. Have you ever noticed that I am chronically late? Yo, I have issues with time and dates, kay??!!

I have a heated floor mat for my feet that if I did not have I would die of exposure both in the summer and winter months!

Oh and that gigantic map? I should take it down. I used to mark where I had every job in the country but we have 600 million jobs and I hated those stupid little pins. Now it is like United States Map wall paper which is just dorky.

By far my favorite non-kid items are the magnet that simply says EPIPHANY, a pink troll magnet, and a "I understand the concept of cooking & cleaning. Just not as it applies to me" magnet. Those just make me chuckle a lot. I have a stuffed monkey that someone named Mooch the Money Monkey from back in my NMU days as a fundraiser and a pink poodle that a colleague gave to me last year when I was pregnant and losing my mind.

Finally, literally on the other side of cubby behind my screens sits my dearly beloved, Kevin. That is HOW close we sit to one another all day long! Freaky, eh?!

*BTW, I cannot speak to the quality of these photos. I felt a little weird taking them considering my office is cubby and everyone generally knows what everyone else is doing in our office for this reason!

** Awww come on show me your office, work space too. PRETTY PLEAAAASE!
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