Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh to be 10 (months) again


Ten months. How did we get here? I have been contemplating how at this time last year I was HUGELY pregnant. And HOT. AND HUGE. And swollen. Wishing I could just have you, right then and there even while worrying how much life would change once you arrived.

And suddenly we are here and you are 10 months old and that tiny baby that was making me hot and hugely pregnant is totally walking and saying 'buh-buh' whilst waving at me and smiling like my own personal sunshine! While life changed once you arrived, it was not so bad, not as scary as I imagined. It has just been so much better, richer, amazingly happy and fulfilling. My Marisa who is so much more like a toddler then a baby...

You can take my finger and pull up to standing and walk all around the room while holding my hand and you do this thing that Matthew hardly did called 'cruising', I guess!?

You have a head full of beautiful rich red hair that is curling in the back and covers your ears. Suddenly you have SEVEN teeth instead of four. That is three more then you started the month out with! ACK.

You have had strep throat and a scary high fever for five days.

You made your first trip to Canada to say good-bye to Grandma Barb. You hung tough through all of the month of May when life was stressful and crazy and sad. All the while, you remained your usual laid back charming little self and I am so proud of you for that.

You have some favorite things: chewing on Little People, putting in and taking out "stuff" from an empty coffee container, bouncing balls, bouncing in general, rocking side to side every time you hear music, getting to know your doggies, wriggling down only to want back up, you love to climb and can go up the stairs faster then I ever remember your brother doing at this age, and you LOVE playing in water of any kind.

You have been a little hot and cold about eating solids lately. This seems to be tied directly to the teething thing. When you are not teething you eat just about any food I put in front of you though you have an issue with gagging to the point of throwing up which umm yuck. Also this is something Matthew never did so goody for us. You like sips of water out of the sippy cup as well as sips out of our cups. Mostly you are just too busy to sit still in the high chair for a meal, you want to get down and GO GO GO!

And my all time favorite thing: you gave me my first sloppy open mouthed kisses on the mouth over the weekend AND you learned to "blow" kisses last week so you do that every chance you get!

My little happy round faced chubby wubby giggly wiggly little baby girl... when did you get to be a ten month old!? I swear I was just hugely hot and pregnant seemingly minutes ago!

Happy Ten Month Birthday Miss Marisa-Moo!

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