Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Blatherings

Interestingly enough Zoot wrote much of what I have been thinking about writing today. Letting go, paradigm shifts, and being in the moment both with my kids and with life in general. SO what the hell should I write about? HA.

I made Chocolate Chip cookies last night for no good reason. Just because I wanted to and I could and even though I had ten trillion other things to do it was fun, rewarding and yummy to boot (death to the proper sentence right there?!) Shall I take this time to tell you how many I actually ate since making the cookies?! Let's just say my tummy is thrilled, my ass hates me!!

After such a relaxing activity tonight there will be NONE of that. I need to get packing tonight. I really do not want to do the pack the night before game I have been playing the past few trips/years. It is just too much and I end up being up much later then I ought to be before a trip. Combine that with butt crack of dawn drive from here to Indy for the butt crack of dawn flight which still only gets us to most of our destinations late in the afternoon. More to the point: the result of the pack the night before game is that I am SO stinkin' tired throughout the whole trip that I am miserable the whole time.

I have been watching some stellar TV this week. We started out the week with Jon and Kate Plus Eight, or as I have been calling it: Jon MINUS Kate plus Eight. Either way I totally contributed to the ratings, sadly. Then I watched The Real House Wives of NJ reunion last night... the chick with the long black curly hair? I want her to be my friend because she is not so bright but freaking hysterical. I mean that in a blatantly sarcastic way. Who knew about the mafia ties?! I must be out of it or else I do not spend enough time trolling the Internets for these things. I did think Danielle was uncharacteristically quiet last evening. Immediately following that I watched Prep School - is that the name of it? And OMFG are these kids for real? I will never ever let my kid go to a prep school after watching that and who the hell wants money if this is the by product of money?! What a strange strange culture...

It has been about TWO WHOLE weeks since I have been shopping anywhere other then the grocery store. That includes Target. I am very proud of this fact!

Finally, because this is basically how my day has been - totally amazingly random - if we decided to have more kids I have picked out their names. We do not plan to have more kids so I am going to tell you those names because I am dying to share.

I do not wish I had named Marisa anything but her name but if I had my druthers I would change Matthew's first name. I have two girl names picked out: Hazel and Ruby. I LURV these two girl names and I tossed them around for Marisa but Kevin did not bond with these names as much as I did. LURVVVVVVVVVVV...

If we had a boy it would be Caleb/Kaleb. I just love that name. I love it with our last name and I just love it. It cannot be shortened really (which is a key component to Marisa's name) and I do not know why but it is just a good name, a name I like - not too different but interesting. If you use these names for your future children, do so with my blessings - I would feel honored!

Go forth now into the world feeling less smart for having read my random BS. Enjoy :)
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