Monday, June 8, 2009

Red Ripe Summer

I have been a whole lot of grateful lately. I cannot really explain why... I just am. Alibet a little tired and spacey but well heck people I recently realized I think I have been this way my entire life so I suppose that just makes it my normal self!?

We have been busy doing a lot of little things around the house. I bought some new pillows. We have been doing a ton of landscaping. We have been weeding stuff that we no longer need for this supposed garage sale we are going to one day have.

I am hoping to get the deck and house power washed some time soon. Kevin wants to stain the fence and deck again and we need to paint some trim outside. Indoors there has been lots of talk of big things that we may actually do this year. I will not mention them for fear that by saying them they will not happen. I am hoping we can start painting a bit here and there around the house.

We are thinking about hitting Ikea in Cinncinatti this weekend just because we can. Because we talk a lot about taking advantage of where we live right now but never really doing those things. I think the thing that happened when we lost Barb, Kevin's mom, we realized that we needed to live life now, not tomorrow or the next day or next year or ten years from now because who knows what might happen in those time frames.

For now, I am loving that our garden is freaking UNREAL right now. The strawberries in the pictures below were our first tiny batch. I thought that was a lot compared to last year we maybe had a hand full. Each red ripe strawberry last year Matthew would clean and pop into his mouth. This year? We have probably harvested about a dozen or so pints this season with more coming. I have big plans to make this recipe: Fresh Strawberry Bars - like a Peanut Butter and Jam sandwich!!!

Our blueberry bushes are close to giving us some fruit, the tomatoes are green, the lettuce is nearly there, tiny little squash are coming and Kevin pulled some carrots and while they were teeny tiny they were actually quite good, though they need a few more weeks. There is corn, beans, onions coming up as well broccoli, I think. Matthew is closely watching his sunflowers and pumpkin plants! I love summer and the bountiful harvet I feel so lucky to create each year!

I love this photo that I took tonight right before Marisa went to bed. She was doing that floppy I am tired baby thing that she does. My sweet girl.

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