Tuesday, June 30, 2009


True story: We got off the plane in Winnipeg and Marisa was D-O-N-E. She had had it with being held and rocked and eating Cheerios and Puffs and she was cutting another tooth - which seems to be a Canada thang for her - that makes 11 teeth, I think, BTW. She was screaming and yelling and was peeved that I would not just let her walk around and simply could not be bothered by the fact that the dang Canadian border security would not take kindly to my lovely 10 month old daughter just running past that nice red line. The red line that clearly states that you MUST stay behind it until you are called and have you declaration paper filled out and passports handy OR ELSE. Needless to say that when it was our turn to visit the border security dude and I picked her up to take her to see him she was LOUDLY screaming and crying. To which the nice guy said very charmingly "Aww whatcha crying about Red?!" I giggled.

She is SUCH a red head. Shockingly more red then Matthew ever was. We are always fielding questions from friends and strangers alike about how did we end up with a pair of red heads. I have this lost look generally. I have no idea. Actually imagine my surprise minutes before Matthew was actually born when the doctor told us that "this baby is definitely a red head!" I imagined my kids as white blond like Kevin and I both were! I had to adjust my thoughts about them both after they arrived. And while Matthew's red hair has "lightened" a bit both kids are totally red heads. But Marisa definitely wins in the red head department. Her red hair is dark and seems to be getting darker by the day as her hair gets longer and longer.

Supposedly my great grandfather had red red hair. And I have some auburn color to my hair. And supposedly Kevin's mom's real hair color was sort of auburn as well. Whatever the case, genetics are freaky weird!

This afternoon as Marisa and I started through the check out at Kroger the checkout lady turned to my smiley happy baby and she kindly said "whatcha you smiling about Red?!" I think we may have the makings for a new nickname!
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