Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Supply and Demand

As of late, I have been struggling with milk supply. I believe part of this struggle has to do with not pumping for almost 2-1/2 weeks so the amount of milk I was making for Marisa was perfect for what she needed but now I am asking my body to produce more again when pumping. I also know it is better to pump in the evening before bed then in the morning before work when I have (a) been drained from nursing all night long and (b) am a bit more stressed out.

I am barely making 2-4 ounces during the two pump sessions I do and I have no time, nor inclination to add another pump session. What I really need to do is pump this weekend to get a bit of a freezer supply but again total drag. The one thing I can take solace in is that I know Marisa is fine but I wonder how long I will be able to nurse with Marisa.

With Matthew it was 20 months (I finally checked his baby book because I could not remember if it was 20 or 22 months...) I hope I can keep up the pumping supply until I do not need to pump any longer which is hopefully about 3 months or so more. I loved pumping last time with Matthew but this time I am 'eh' about it. There seems to be less time and I do not enjoy the time I do get.

Matthew LOVES LOVES LOVES camp. He is a happy camper, ahahahah... Though it is a little frustrating to try to get anything out of him about what he does and since Ashley drops off and picks him up we have NO idea. Oh well he is happy and tired and he loves his lunches!


So I flaked out on Melissa and Kelly last night for running because Marisa had no baby food made and we needed to take action or else the wrath of Baby Marisa would be upon on (esp. since all that was left were peas and she strongly dislikes peas, strongly!) Given her proclivity for throwing up when eating more solid solids we will continue to make soft baby food. It is a drag this time around because we started her on solids a couple weeks after she turned 6 months. Where as with Matthew we waited so long we only had to make the food from 8 months till we started on table foods around a year, I think.

Anyway, I felt so guilty that I did not go running with the girls that I got myself dressed, strapped on my running shoes and ran for 25 minutes and walked for 15 minutes. I was glad I did it even though it was getting dark and more ominous in terms of rain clouds by the minute. It felt good to be out running. AND I did sit-ups yesterday! WEEE HA!

I learned two things: I have NO idea how to work my iPod and I need some industrial strength headbands to keep my sweaty nasty hair from flopping in my eyes.

SO hopefully I will stay motivated and get to the trail on Thursday evening :)
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