Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

Recently Matthew has taken to waking up crying in the middle of the night. I think he has been doing this lately due to the exciting new richness his life suddenly has. He goes to camp and sees a million different people. He has new experiences that he never had before the past two weeks and they run him ragged at camp. Even at home, Ashley keeps him moving, in the yard or out for walks enjoying the sunshine and the cool waters of the pool. He is tan and fit and tired out. That is key - he is exhausted when he falls into bed at night.

The other night, he woke up screaming. I went to him, calmed him down. Laid down with him. He went back to sleep only to wake up crying again. I thought surely this kid is going to barf on me. He was moaning and crying. He said 'Mommy I ate paper!' I looked around. Nope, no paper. He must be dreaming. Finally, he told me the way only a four year old can to get lost, he needed his Daddy. I got Kevin and listened to their conversation. I was at the ready to run for a bowl or a garbage can. Surely he would throw up soon.

Later, the next morning, I asked Kevin what was up. The boy was fine in the morning, smiling and happy like he was not up for two hours the previous night (and he slept in!) Kevin told me that Matthew said he ate paper and thought he was going to die...

Four year olds are weird.

The end.
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