Thursday, June 25, 2009


Marisa likes doors. Mostly she likes to close them. Then she giggles behind them and when we open them she guffaws out loud at this. Just to start the whole process over again. While she thinks this process is hysterical, I am not so hip to it. I keep imaging the trip to the hospital to re-attach her fingers which seem to be constantly RIGHT THERE every time she closes the doors. I am sort of fatalistic like that.

I was digging through some stuff last night in an attempt to pack. I found this ring that was my Granny's (my father's mother.) She passed away the year before I met Kevin in 1999. I held on to a bunch of stuff that was given to me from her but hardly did anything with it over the years other then to organize and reorganize it in the same five boxes that the contents arrived in. I took the ring out last night and thought it was pretty cool. Nothing I received was super fancy but this ring is neat. It has a thin band and a neat cut out design. I have no idea why I never liked it until now so I am wearing it today. It is super light and fits my finger really well so I am glad I discovered it.

Speaking of packing last night I totally half-assed it. I got most of my stuff together in terms of clothing but I may have to rethink what I am bringing because while it is supposed to be 90+ here in Indy, in WINTER-peg it is supposed to be in the 70s, rainy and the night time lows look down right cold for this time of year - in the 50s?! Let me reiterate: why do people live there?! UGH. I digress. I also collected the kid's toiletries so those are ready. That is it though. Pathetic. I should have gone to Target as I need a few small items and I doubt I will have time to do it tonight... I guess there are stores in Winnipeg if I need anything... they are next to year round freakin' igloos.

Matthew has been singing camp songs a lot lately. It is pretty cute. He will randomly start belting out a tune of unknown origin. After some questioning about where he learned it we generally get the pat answer of camp. He is not going to camp this week or next because of the Canada trip. He was terribly bummed about this and even shed tears about it. I do understand. I vividly remember camp as a kid. I loved it! I learned songs, I hero worshipped my camp counselors, and once I was old enough I liked the adventure of the overnight trips away from home without my parents. I learned a lot from my camp days which is why I was so pro camp for Matthew. I had such positive experiences and I am glad he seems to be as well.

The other thing that Matthew has taken to doing: rhyming. Everything is a rhyme these days OR a knock knock joke that rhymes. I have no idea why. He has always been a kid with a joke which we thought was a phase that would pass but he is still in love with the joke delivery. He likes to see our expression when he gets to the punch line. Mind you most of these jokes are bad but we still laugh. I like to humor him (ah ha ha ha... yeah so now you know the root origin of his sense of humor - poor kid!)

Matthew is showing a renewed interest in reading and writing. This ebbs and flows. I figure like everything he will get to it when he needs to. He is really good at writing and if given a pen and paper will go to town. Not just writing but it has been neat to see him drawing and exploring his imagination that way. On his Father's day card he drew pictures of he and Kevin and a lady bug. He drew something over Kevin's head and grinned at me saying "that is Daddy's baby bonnet!" He cracked himself right up with that one!

As for reading, when I get him to slow down enough he can easily identify the letters and when he is interested we will look at how the letters go together to form a word. The past few nights he has pulled out a book that was one of his favs as a little guy - Barnyard Dance. It is one of those LARGE board books. It is actually a great learning book because the letters are HUGE. The first night we read it he was asking about what the title said so we went over it. He acted all bored like he did not need this lesson but last night he willingly pulled the book out and went over all the letters and then read the title to me. So that was pretty nifty keen.

Surely I am writing a lot with no cohesiveness lately. Mostly I just want to get this stuff down so I do not forget given my proclivity for forgetting shit lately. I am probably not going to be around for a bit. I do not think Grandpa S has done anything about the wireless connection and the only computer in the house is located in the room Matthew sleeps in which also means I am not able to hit the computer after everyone is in bed like I do at home. WOE. Have a good weekend/week! See y'all on the flippity side!
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