Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Apple A Day...

Marisa is positively obsessed with Apples. Her new thing, and it is a fairly neat thing, is to point and tell us what she wants. It goes something like this: "Mmmhhh, finger pointing, excited look on her face, Mmmhhh"!!! OH SWEET BABY JEBUS SHE CAN COMMUNICATE BEYOND CRYING AND SCREAMING! Weee... let the good times roll ;)

Yesterday during lunch, she was excitedly gesturing and mmmmhhhing at me. I kept chatting to her before it dawned me - OHHHH she wants something. I had an apple out on the counter top for my lunch. I handed her the apple not sure if that was exactly what she wanted and sure enough it was. This is the fun that ensued. She ate that apple ALL DAMN DAY! (under full adult supervision, of course!)

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