Friday, July 17, 2009


We hung outside tonight after work with the kiddos since the weather has been terrific! Matthew pulled out chalk and both kids got into it. Marisa did her first chalk "drawing" (ha!) but mostly she was interested to eat the chalk or carry the container. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Matthew drew a line that went from the top of our driveway all the way down to where the sidewalk ends... good thing the neighbors have kids and they are out of town! Good times. Good times.

Chalk Draw-er

SQUAT - or in her case DEEP SQUAT - seriously I can barely do a cheating squat!


Busy Bee

Self Portrait

Only PART of "the line"

Frack... like a little lady, all grown up and what not (WAIL!)

Hmm kay not THAT grown up - Eating the chalk
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