Monday, July 13, 2009


I am taking a moment to inform you all that if you want to repeal the panicky freaked out about to have a temper tantrum because he is not going to get his way child: turn on the hair dryer just as said child runs into the room to ask the panicked freaked out question, nod your head 'no' (because that was the answer to the question. Of course, yes works as well if that is the answer to the question!) and keep drying your hair. Totally diffuses (HA diffuses... diffuser - which really do people still use those or were they just for permed hair???) the issue at hand. Matthew asked if he was going to camp this week - the answer is NO, next week is the real answer but with the hair dryer on I only needed to nod to which he wailed "but I wannnnnt to go to camp..." He was naked at that moment and he scurried off to get dressed.

Remember hair dryer, question, nod yes/no. End of situation ;)
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