Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eleven Months

Hey RED!

Eleven months. Eleven teeth. Could you have planned it any better? Maybe you will be a planner with special attention to detail... how unlike your Momma! I love to see your personality coming out more and more each day. It seems like moment to moment you are changing. I know this process starts to slow down eventually but as it was with Matthew I am in awe of you. I steal hugs and cuddles from as often as I can because all you want to do is go go go! There is no slowing that down. You are walking. And last week you learned to stand up from sitting without the need for a table or pant leg to help you up AND I WAS THERE FOR IT(she types with a fist pump)! Crazy.

You love to explore.

You love to play with Matthew's stuff WAY more then your own in particular this long green rubbery snake and a wooden snake. Future snake charmer? We have to keep the door to his room closed or you make a bee line for his room without fail.

You like to stuff everything you should NOT in your mouth. You have actually swallowed the following items this past month: a whole peanut, one of those foamy things that stop a cabinet door from slamming shut, a lot of lint and grass and a part or all of the band aid from your shots yesterday.

You cried for like FIVE seconds during those shots yesterday - you are one TOUGH cookie.

With Matthew as your brother, you better be!

Matthew worships you and I predict he will take good care of his baby sister always (though he has his moments!!!)

You are eating finger food solids - no more purees :( You love blueberries and cantaloupe best by far but you rather enjoyed a Garden Burger the other evening!

You are a messy eater now that you are in control ;)

Your hair is getting REALLY long but mostly on the sides and not the back - sort of a reverse mullet if you will!?

You flash that awarding winning smile a lot and I love it.

You like to blow kisses, wave and give big sloppy open mouthed kisses.

You have the goofiest laugh of any baby I have ever heard and you use it a lot which makes me giggle.

You light up your Daddy's face - that is magical.

You do this funny scrunching thing with your nose and then breath through it loudly when you are trying to get us to look at you and you usually get a laugh so you do this a lot lately. Frighteningly I think you get that from me!

You do the signs for MORE, EAT, NURSE and ALL DONE without prompting for the most part these days!

You are a chatty little being - you say a lot of "words" that mean different things like DA can be Daddy but it also means dog.

You totally take instruction well - better then the four year old. PLEASE ALWAYS BE THAT WAY, for my sanity.

You love to roll, throw and bat at balls especially the orange/pink/yellow O ball thing and this one particular crinkly ball. Matthew won't let you near any of the other balls in the house even though he has NO interest in them unless you are looking at them. He's a stinker like that!

You also like to place things in buckets, boxes, tubs and barrels.

You love your bath time but please learn to sit down during your baths.

You do not like to fly.

You like to chew on shoes if they are left by the back door - we do not leave our shoes indoors any more.

You do not like your feet covered up when you are getting ready to fall asleep and will kick and kick until they are uncovered.

You sleep with your bum up in the air.

You like to sit up and then flop over on your side/back when you wake up in the morning for about 1/2 hour before we actually extract ourselves from bed. You are very smiley during this process. Matthew is NOT a morning person based on your behavior and you are.

You are a climber and you appear to be far more of a daredevil than Matthew ever was.

You are my little bug and I love you every day more than the last. I cannot imagine my life without you baby girl and I cannot believe that next month I will be writing about how you are turning ONE!!!

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