Friday, July 24, 2009

Gold Medal

Matthew is going to camp again this week with a theme of Olympics. So far this week...

He has made:
an Olympic Gold Medal out of glitter.
Colored links to make the Olympic chain
A drawing where he actually attempted to stay in the lines!
A noodle necklace that he told me ate part of...

A "competition" where they got the gold glitter medals that made

He sings songs at camp which he will sing to us at length when we do not ask but will not sing to us when we do ask.

He likes to swim. A LOT.

He has a "girlfriend" named Lana and his cheeks turn red when we ask about her - he gets all AWWW shucks on us. He is FOUR people FOUR.

The best part of all: he got to meet freaking Mark Lenz! Gold and bronze medal diver MARK LENZ. Matthew got to touch the medals and ask questions about the Olympics and diving. Matthew's favorite part: touching Mark's "bald" head (and he even did the swirling motion like he was touching some one's head when he told us this factoid.)

What an "Award winning" week... WORD.
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