Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Golden Finds

I found these two great items at a garage sale down the street from our house a couple of weeks ago. Matthew was a tad bummed that they were both for Marisa but he handled himself well and even tried out both but quickly figured out that he was too big for them and went back to his big boy toys.

He has become the most amazing big brother and does SO much to help his sister out. It is rare when he gets mad or upset that she is touching his stuff and even brings her things that are his to play with! He is also really great at telling us when he just wants to play on his own so he does not have to get mad at Marisa for playing with his stuff. I am so proud of what a big boy he is becoming!

Kay why a Zebra? Seriously? Horse. Elephant. Zebra?? I still don't get it but eh... she's not quite one so she doesn't care that most people do not ride Zebras!

Suspicious at first

Later LURVE!
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