Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happiness is... Friday EDITION

Not that I want to negate the previous post about my kid, you know... falling down the flapping staircase but I am just going to move on NOW. She is OKAY so that is positive.

Happiness is reading the Happiness Is book! If you can find this book it is awesome. It is a Peanuts book first published in 1962. When we were at Kevin's house this past time, the book was just sitting there on a pile of stuff to go to the Goodwill. I wailed NO and pounced on it.

Today, Happiness is...

My two beautiful healthy children - god do I love those kids more than words can explain

DOWN three pounds, magically!? SEVEN more to go!! WHOOOO HOOO

Breakfast at Uptown (Huevos Rancheros), Nick's for lunch (salad) and drinks with co-workers at Finch's (Pinot and pita with hummus) = A great "townie" day!

My pretty rose bush which blooms all summer long that my mommy gave to me and moved with me from one house to the next

Eating dinner with and spending one on one time with Marisa

Matthew's happy excitement to bring me a cupcake from his friend's party then to tell me all about the party all the while making Marisa giggle even though SHE was supposed to be sleeping (am inept at putting that girl to sleep - I know I am far to fascinating and entertaining, right?!)

Planning my baby's FIRST birthday :)

FRIDAY NIGHTS! Happy Weekends to ALL!
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