Monday, July 27, 2009

List of Lists

When I think about the fact that in SIX days my baby will be one, I am stunned. The first part of this month I was mopey about it. Now I am just stunned. WHEN did this happen? Wasn't I just sitting at this very computer willing my water to break so I could get this baby out and be done with pregnancy FOREVVVVVVER. And the heat. Oy, the heat last summer. It was a HOT HOT HOT sum a beach of a summer last year. And I was going to see Liz for my last appointment before giving birth and getting my bag ready to go to the hospital and finishing up work stuff as best I could. And generally just trying to prepare myself for the impending birth of a baby girl that I did not know yet, who I was excited to meet and had no expectations about. I was just excitedly happy to meet her. AND did I really go to the ever loving County Fair in that heat??? Ah yes. Yes I did. And I ate FUNNEL CAKE and HOT BUTTERED CORN thankyouverymuch. SO good.

What a year. WHAT A YEAR! What an amazing crazy wonderful sad long year. I thought to myself this morning in the shower, self I want to write a list, just a list for list's sake. I like lists. SO why not. Here is goes.
35 Things List (in no particular order):

1.) Thirty-five things because I am 35 this year!
2.) I love my kids with reckless abandon! They make my heart sing even when I am tired or they are having temper tantrums or get all shrieky on us because they are awesome kids!
3.) Pretty much any time Matthew is playing lately - he is totally at that age where he is creative and expressive and well he made a fallen branch into dinosaur bones AND naked chickens in a farm yard yesterday which just kicks ass!
4.) The color of Marisa's hair makes me smile. A LOT.
5.) I will get fit... eventually.
6.) The fact that Marisa's has a bunch of "words" that mean a bunch of things and that she can point - it sure is nice to communicate with her these days.
7.) I enjoyed spending some quality time away from the kids with Kevin.
8.) I do not think I can ever be a helicopter mom.
9.) I am enjoying how much Matthew likes camp.
10.) I AM nervous and scared for Matthew to start school in 2.5 weeks.
11.) I think Facebook is pretty nifty - it has been amazing to catch up with old friends. It also makes me miss laid back California.
12.) The realization that more than 35% of our income goes to childcare right now... BRUTAL.
13.) Walking through campus on a sunny Sunday chatting with an old friend can make a girl feel good for days afterward.
14.) Open mouthed kisses from my kids - they are charming even though five years ago I would have said GROSS!
15.) Gardening rules (again five years ago I would have said BLECK - bring me a beer instead!)
16.) The fact that in the middle of getting every tooth a baby can humanly handle Marisa will still laugh. Even at four in the morning.
17.) I love how tan and blond Matthew gets every summer.
18.) The DAVE MATTHEWS CONCERT will occur in SIX FREAKIN' DAYS - and I get to see my girl from VA! SO GEEKED!
19.) I loved that great new Turkey Chili recipe that I found on The Food Network
20.) My job drives me batty but it is also the best place on earth.
21.) I cannot wait to travel the world with my kids.
22.) My favorite time of year will always be summer - I might complain about the heat but I love it deep down. The humidity I could do without but the heat - BRING IT BABY!
23.) It was fun to see how keenly interested Matthew was too look at my childhood photo album and that he looked at my mom when she was 24 years old and said "She is beautiful". She was/is.
24.) I am not surprised at how differently I view the world between now and eight to ten years ago.
25.) I struggle with letting go but when I do finally let go it feels SO good!
26.) I like ice cream, pizza and french fries.
27.) My current favorite quote is: "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." (Steve Jobs)
28.) I wish I had more time...
29.) I am still thoroughly amazed by the fact that I STILL jump in with both feet without first checking the depth of the water... and then I berate myself for this after.
30.) I love photography and writing - I want to learn more about both just for fun.
31.) I miss going to the museum.
32.) I am looking forward to Marisa's 1st birthday.
33.) I hope Matthew will always tell me jokes even when he gets older.
34.) I hope that this list was not too boring and we are ALMOST there!!!
35.) I am grateful for all that I have in my life RIGHT NOW.

Bonus 36 (since it is my 36th year!) That Matthew runs to get Kevin an "adult beverage" and he is SO proud to do this.
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