Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wee things

Wee Things About Marisa:*
Marisa is cutting another tooth at the same time that she has a cold. Seems to be a theme with her and teething!

It is one of the BIG teeth in back - ouch to me!!

If Marisa does not like or is done with something she is eating, she swipes her hand across it whipping whatever "it" is off the tray on to the floor.

Marisa likes to lean over and "share" her food with the dogs, especially Santana.

Marisa is into throwing things over the side of the staircase just to see what happens.

She likes balls A LOT and will chase after them as long as we sit there with her.

My favorite thing about Marisa right now is her ability to light up a room with her smile. When we walk in at lunch and in the evening the moment she hears our voices she comes from clear across the house walking as fast as she can with a huge grin on her face and "hugs" our legs.

Also, that she lifts her arms to show that she wants up. This makes my heart sing!

Wee Things About Matthew:**
Matthew LOVES LOVES LOVES to read chapter books.

We are currently working our way through the Henry and Ribsy books (Beverly Cleary).

We have read all of the Ralph S Mouse books, many of the Junie B. Jones series and Encyclopedia Brown books.

I read a chapter than Matthew gets Kevin and they read a 2nd chapter. Kevin asks what happened in the last chapter and Matthew tells him on the way back to his room all about it. It is SO amazing to hear/see Matthew comprehending in more depth what is being read to him especially over a 10 or 20 page chapter!

Matthew is slowing learning to spell. He knows several words by sight (zoo and dog are two that I can think of right now.) He is getting there with regards to reading and writing and I am amazed at his progress every day!!

He still skips numbers 14 and 15. I am not sure why.

Last night at the dinner table, Matthew said to Kevin "wanna hear a joke?" Kevin said 'yes' expecting the same tired schtick. But no Matthew threw out a brand new joke he heard on a TV show and he had the timing down perfectly! We both laughed until we cried because the timing was great and the look on his face was hysterical upon delivery.

Matthew's latest interest: geodes, fossils and anything that can found in the ground.

My favorite thing about Matthew right now is the rate at which he is learning - I am excited for him to start school in (OMG!!!) three weeks. He is comprehending things in a different way and conversing with him is amazing. He has this amazing vocabulary and some times he will have deep insightful thoughts.

My favorite moment this past week happened after I told Matthew a story before bed. He said "now it is my turn to tell you a story!" and he launched into a ten minute story with intricate details about the scenery and people in his story. I sat there in awe of this!

* I keep thinking Matthew never did this or that but then I tell Kevin and he looks at me oddly. Nine times out of ten, he will say to me "Christina yes he did do whatever. You just do not remember." And it is true if I search my memory. SO I decided I need to keep track of things better with reference to my kids and my memories because I thought I would never forget a thing and yet I am.

** Four is fun BUT I am highlighting the great moments. Trust me, there are sucky moments too. I need to sit down and write a post about the sucky things soon. I want to remember that as well. I think if I look back and read that all was wonderful I will forget the bad which is just as integral to my memories as the good stuff.
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