Monday, July 20, 2009


What a weekend!

Woke up, took shower, ate pancakes
Ran up the street to neighbors garage sale
Got great deals on a Step 2 push car and Zebra bouncing thang ($15 each!)
Packed up the Rav with all the baby stuff and took it to Once Upon A Child
It was closed
Returned home for forgotten car seat
Back to Once Upon A Child and unloaded
Went home again to play in the yard
Ate Lunch
Raced back to Once Upon A Child - Got check, bought Matthew $10 ice skates on trade
Got a lot more money then we though for baby stuff!! FELT HAPPY ABOUT THAT
Kroger for treats to bring to parties
Drove out to friend's party in the country - baby slept on the way out
Three of the four of us got very wet in pool. Bouncy house. Yummy food.
Shrieky tired baby who wanted to nurse and play. AT THE SAME TIME.
Both kids slept on the way back!!
Quick dinner
Off to get together at another friends house
Wine. Giant Cookie. Cool beautiful temps. Kids wore themselves out. Laughter and good conversation, SKUNK, brush fire ;), Sun CHIPS!
Movie, bed time, get ready for bed, watch TV and go to SLEEP 12:30am.

Slept in, headache from falling asleep in the rocking chair :(, took shower
Kevin: recycling, mow/trim the lawn, harvest the garden esp. corn!
Me: clean up the house, baby to nap, Matthew dressed and ready to go, put together birthday gift for Lily's 4th birthday
Divide and conquer: me & Marisa to Kroger; Kevin & Matthew to Sam's Club (and a visit to the B-town airport to see the fire trucks!)
Packed up the car to go to the bowling alley for Lily's party
TIRED! All of us.
Up and down at the party for all - good time had by all overall!!
Matthew bowled, lost his shit about missing his dogs (???), gave him strawberry and vanilla milk and cake to get him to stop
Marisa - plied her with lots of food, still not happy about being thwarted in her attempt to run up the bowling alley lane, SCREAMING!
Kevin - confuzzled with exhaustion. Me - ACKKKKK!
Home again - Matthew napped, realized I missed a WHOLE section of Kroger with Fussy pants Marisa, had to go back and get what I forgot...
Made dinner - turkey sandwiches and homegrown corn (OMG SO GOOD - better then any corn I have ever had, seriously!)
Matthew up to eat
Dogs fed
Kids bathed and one child went to sleep at 7:00p, the other TEN o'clock (why he does not nap any more!)
Cake baking with Matthew, Card making with Matthew (for Ashley's 30th b-day TODAY!)
Laundry folding
Decorations for Ashley
Make lunch for Matthew's camp today
Figure out what on earth to do for Inspiration at work (movie training: My Big Fat Greek Wedding!)
Put laundry away
Get ready for bed
Attempt to look at the Sunday paper - decided to wait until Monday
TO sleep 11:30p

Decided this morning that I need a rest from our weekend! I would not have it any other way - it was a perfectly wonderful weekend even though we were all too pooped to pop at the end of it all!
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