Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I was just reading last month's Parents magazine because y'all I cannot keep up on all of my reading - brain still mush, must sleep zzzzzzzzzzz. Hmm could be the 13 minutes of sleep I am getting a night. I mean nothing like the baby getting TWO freaking big old molar type teeth AT ONE TIME!

Yes, I said TWO. I thought it was just one but then she was screaming and screaming and biting and screaming. So I thought to myself - 'self there is more than one tooth - go, check it out.' And I did and holy crap she totally TOTALLY bit me and OMG that hurt but yes I did discover TWO big ole molars coming in... AND and (breathing) two more teeth coming in on the bottom waaaaaaaaail.

She has been taking Motrin and those teething tablets and teething gel stuff and well none of it stops the screaming and the not sleeping so I am not sure WHY I keep giving her all that stuff but it sure makes me feel like I am getting something done so there you have it. Err uhh where was I exactly?
Yeah so Parents magazine. In the 4-5 year old section there was this whole thing about this age being all about WINNING. YES I WON I WON. And yet again my son is just normal. I thought 'oh my with the wanting to win it all or else GRRR scowl moan life is horrible Mommy stop trrrrying to win'. Nope just standard four year old stuff that really started some time before he turned four but whose counting. OH WAIT that is me because it is GETTING old already, yo.

Seriously. It is like playing with a mini me. I mean well... I used to be so ultra competitive Kevin stopped playing Scrabble with me all together like forever*. I thought 'dang the apple? it does not fall far from the tree' and 'ah heck what did I do to the poor kid in utero?' It turns out I did nothing, sort of...

SO for his fourth birthday he got two I Spy games that he LURVS (thank you again for those who gave those to him - Nicki I am looking at you ;) and we play them a lot. However, Matthew cheats. What?! Yes I said it - my four year old cheats. He will only use the PURPLE card because he has memorized the whole thing and can hit the bell 30 times before we can find one thing on our respective card. OY.

He races to the door to be first. He will give up if he is not winning and the look on his face is actually funny priceless when he realizes someone is doing better than he is.

We have employed many of the suggested techniques in this section that do work. The best one yet has been to stop saying "SHARE Matthew" 303 kagillion times a day and instead say 'let's give Marisa a turn. In five minutes, Marisa gets the toy." He actually responds to this and likes it and wait for it - DOES IT!? Rocket science people this parenting stuff is effing Rocket Science...

I did like some of the suggestions that I have not tried and am looking forward to experimenting with because let's face it as the first kid he is truly the experimental kid! What techniques have you used to get your children to dial back their competitive nature at this age? Or for yourself if you are competitive or know someone competitive and you do not have kids?

*In case you are wondering I have seriously dialed back the competitive nature that seems so inherent. Basically I tell myself I do not care any more and some times I do and some times I do not. Freak show, eh? You can say it about me - come on, aw I do!
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