Sunday, August 30, 2009

Backyard Adventures

I have been a VERY lazy photographer lately. It is definitely an ebb and flow thing with me and the past few weeks I have no interest in photos. I did manage to take Marisa's 12 month photo:

With pacifier

Twelve Months In Motion

Without pacifier
Yesterday Matthew and I were playing in the yard. Matthew was hard at work building a pyramid world in his sandbox and I was helping. After I while I drifted to pulling weeds because I have not been doing that in the backyard at all this year. Matthew wandered over to where I was. Suddenly he whispered to me " Mommeee come hereee.." He was gazing into the plants. Now sadly my first thought was 'oh crap what have the dogs caught and killed now.' I went over to the plant and thankfully it was not a dead animal but this:

Yes, it was alive and it was very patient letting us take 20 gazillion photos of it!

My little explorer!
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