Friday, August 14, 2009

Dietary Supplement

I have been running for all of two weeks now. It is hard. I know - go figure and also deep thoughts.

I have moments of pure joy over running. I have run since grade school. I started running as sort of a cross training thing to swimming. I would run at the Gunderson High School track when I was younger and I often still have dreams involving running on that track which is just weird. Then again I still have dreams about swimming at the Gunderson HS pool as well so there you have it. I guess something never leave our consciousness, eh.

I liked to run the hills behind our house near the golf course later in Almaden. I called those hills my run to the top of the earth past the million dollar homes to the beautiful views all while dodging the abundant deer and occasional skunk that roamed the area.

And even later in Marquette I always choose the route that took me up as many hills as I could find especially the one by my favorite apartment on Arch Street partly so I could look back and see the shimmering cold of Lake Superior.

I also have had moments while running of pure anxiety and dislike. Both reasons I stopped running... well that and this nagging shoulder/neck thing I have. I like to run. I like to run more than I liked to swim which why I gladly gave up swimming for running when I got older!

I like the power of running - it is my body all by itself pushing ahead. I have never been much of a runner on a treadmill. Even in the winter months in the great white north of Michigan I took to the street (which is like running in sand... and snowbanks AND snowplows are never your friends!) or an indoor track. I grow bored with machines and not even the lure of a television show/music can make it better. If forced into it, at the gym, I will choose a bike/elliptical machine/StairMaster... anything over a treadmill. I can read on those things and even then I will choose the indoor track over anything.

Running is all about the singular power it involves which is what I love about. Which is likely why when the nagging shoulder/neck thing took me out I lost all interest in being fit. I wanted to run and I could not and nothing else really felt as good. It was frustrating.

In particular, I actually love to run hills. I am telling y'all I am a freak. Basically the great thing about B-town are the hills for running. You know, if I were like... IN SHAPE. But I am not so much of my anxiety and dislike of running the past two weeks has been doing the hills. Last night was particularly rough.

Another reason for my dislike of treadmills is that I like to change my scenery. Doing the exact same run everyday down the exact same path would drive me batty. I like change and I like hills. Last night during my "supposed" Tempo run I decided to take a new path and holy hells bells it was ALL hills making the tempo run less then desirable. I mostly did what I was supposed to but for future reference sticking to the flat trail near my house is likely the best choice for doing a tempo run.

I am profoundly aware of the fact that running is great and I feel great mostly. I am sore of course. And physically exhausted. And I keep checking the effing scale. Nothing has changed. EIGHT pounds still.

One thing I know I need to work on is my diet. I keep telling myself to eat more fruits and veggies, and to cut back on the carbs & sweets. This is what worked in the past for me and I like fruits and veggies quite a bit but I also like me some carbs and cheese and ice cream and well you see the problem here? Carbs are the kiss of death for me. Starches hit my lips and convert to fat before my stomach has completed the digestion process. It sucks. Because of course what do I love? Why yes for $1,000 Alex What is Christina LOVES carbs.

The past few years a coping mechanism has been to eat sugar in various forms. Which converts directly to fat on my rump. So my goals for the next few weeks is to cut back on carbs (breads mainly) and sugary foods (like ice cream and Smarties). Just to see if anything happens.

I suspect that part of those last few pounds sticking around has to do with nursing and I believe somewhere deep in my heart that I will likely stay fairly close to the number I am at on the scale until I stop nursing. Obviously I do not want to kill my supply so I will eat what I need to maintain a healthy supply but deep down sadly I know that path is not paved with ice cream and bread slathered with butter.

SO to belabor the point - running is going well as long as I do not need to run on a machine or on the same path every night but hills are sucking the life out of my not so in shape body. Eating is hit or miss and I am going to try to cut back on carbs and sugar since they convert oh so nicely into the further development of my fat cells. Ugh. And I still need to drink more water. This getting fit stuff is hard work!
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