Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fitness Moment

I realized last night after finishing my 35 minute tempo run that I am starting on week four of my eight week training schedule. Half way BABY! When I first started, I kept telling myself 'you need to start somewhere' so as I printed off Hal's Intermediate 5k training schedule I knew it would be hard and painful but I also knew that eventually I would get there. Suddenly seemingly in a flash I am closer to getting there, then just starting out!

I was thinking about how I am finally feeling good when I run. How I stuck it out through the painfully sore knees - that is right, both of them! The ancient feeling weakness in my hips, a horribly sore ankle and the lingering ache in my left shin that I think might be a shin splint. The hips, ankle and knee pain has subsided and while it does rear its proverbial ugly head for the most part the aches and pains area gone. Praise be!

I definitely have good runs and bad ones but don't we all? The iPod won't work, then one shoelace unties. Then the other. And I feel like I am running on lead pipes because my legs are sore and tired and I want to go home and watch Big Brother... Those days suck but there are more good days then bad now and as I struggle through the bad ones I know this too shall pass. I like that I am getting better at the mind over matter thing.

Running is definitely a mental thing for me. If I tell myself I cannot, I don't. But if I hunker down I do it just fine. If I say to myself 'Self, do this mile this fast and that is to this point in the run' I will do it but then if I am feeling mentally weak the whole thing falls apart but if I can just ignore my little weak brain and let the strength of my body take over I can keep going and going.

It definitely helps to have a running buddy for the long runs. It makes the run go by faster and I ignore my weak brain telling me 'NO. Can't. Won't' and I just do it. Thanks Melissa!

Running in the evenings has allowed me to watch the various phases of the moon as well as some amazing sunsets and I love that.

I also get to peek into people's houses because I am nosey like that ;)

I love that Matthew helps me get ready at night. He picked out my socks and shirt last night. He also got the ear buds and iPod case for me without being asked to! After I read to him, he kicks me out of his room and practically commands me: 'Go run Mommy. NOW!' He always asks who I am going to run with, I am not sure why.

I wish the scale reflected my running more even though logically I know the scale and fitness have nothing to do with anything. It would be nice to shed the last eight pounds to get down to my pre-baby weight. Eating poorly is still my enemy many days of the week due mostly to exhaustion and stress.

In sum, minus the runner runs, the soreness and aches; finding the time and energy and motivation most days, I am having a ball getting back into running for the first time in almost five years!
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