Monday, August 10, 2009

Going Bananas?

I am trying new granola bars today. Organic dark chocolate almond and they say HIGH FIBER. Hmm, just what I need.

I am also eating a banana like I do every morning for breakfast. It is non organic because the organic ones were G-R-E-E-N. I bought some of those and stuck them next to the yellow non organic ones. The thing that is freaking me out - the size of the non organic one I am presently eating. It is monstrously large. I am just trying not to think about how it got to be so big in comparison to the small organic ones I usually eat!

I am running (well not right at this moment but in the evenings after work). WORD. Killing myself but running. I actually noticed some sore muscles that have not been sore in many long years. I woke up in the night and thought 'OMG what am I doing to myself??' Crap. This morning I feel better so that is nice.

Matthew has been up in the night - twice last night and once the night before. He is bright eyed and bushy tailed at 1:00 IN THE MORNING? WTF. Yes that means what you think it means. Seriously. He says "I have to pee" and does it happily. Then he goes back to his room and sweetly hands me his water cup all pleases and thank yous but it must be water WITH ICE. DO YOU KNOW WHAT FRACKING TIME IT IS KIDDO?

Marisa has been consistently waking up at 5:32am every single morning. I could complain but I won't. She just hangs out in bed with us until 6:30a or so. While I am not sleeping it is better than being up and she is somewhat hysterical to watch clapping and talking and flopping onto Lucy's side. However, THIS morning after being up with Matthew twice (and sleeping in a ridculously fetal position on a very small twin bed for two hours...) Marisa was up at 4:32a. Send help now. Don't these kids know I ran 4.8 miles last night and nearly died along the way!?

This banana is meaty.

Marisa is with Kevin getting her one year shots, I think. We are behind on her shots because we are good parents like that. Which reminds me... I need to remember to put on my calendar that we all need flu shots for the fall. After last year, I am seriously reconsidering any flu shots since we all were sick 356,709 times anyway.

Speaking of sick, I am taking my baby to visit HIS school today. SCHOOL, y'all. Like with his backpack on his back and what not... I think, though I cannot get a straight answer out of him, this is why he is up in the night all bright eyed and bushy tailed. He is SO EXCITED! His eyes twinkle when we talk about school. His teacher will either be Kathy or Christina which is kind of weird so let's hope for Kathy!

I discovered after running last night that I need to drink more water than I do. Also, do not ever leave your iPod on the back of your car when driving home from a run. The iPod may be a lemon and I may want an iPod Nano but I do not want to get rid of the one I have already. Thankfully I realized this little factoid 2 minutes after I arrived home and drove back in the darkness with my brights on. Lo, there my iPod lay in the middle of the road near a Bed and Breakfast by our house, untouched. My iPod must has Apple angels on its lemon-y back!

With that thought I am off to drink a Berry LaCroix and finish off my meaty banana. Oh yeah and get some work done! May your week be as random as this post!
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