Monday, August 24, 2009

Matthew Monday

This parenting gig is a strange thing. It is like writing a book but we do not know the right words or how to create the proper sentence structure or a dialogue. We are all just making it up as we go along and some of us are passionate about it and some of us just like to do it and see what happens then go from there.
Matthew's sick. Just a hacking cough mostly. And he is tired. And cranky. He missed his first day of school just to be safe. I think I have officially bought into the gloom and doom about the flu today.

He slept in our bed last night. And he questioned us about why WE were up so late. Watching TV. In Bed. Daddy told him we would turn the TV off once we found how who won Throwdown with Bobby Flay. How's that for superb parenting!
Speaking of Matthew, I love his recent interest in rainbows. Everything is all about rainbows all the time! He wants to see them and draw them and is very interested in them. I think I am surprised by this because I did not expect it of him.
He has been learning about and is interested in the pyramids. Ashley did a whole lesson about the pyramids before they went to the King Tut exhibit at the Children's Museum and ever since then Matthew asks lots of questions about pyramids and the people associated with pyramids and seems to be soaking it all in. At four, he officially knows more than me about this stuff!
Matthew is in love with The Magic Tree House series. So am I. We are reading book #16 right now and we just finished book #35. We are not going in order but boy I wish those books had been around when I was a kid!
Matthew and I had a impromptu date on Saturday. We hit the movie, Ponyo. I was a bit leery of it and I really wanted to see Ice Age 3. The only thing I knew about the movie was… nothing and my expectations were low so when the movie ended up being really wonderful I was glad. Matthew liked it too! The cast of voices were amazing! The only voice I could really figure out was Betty White but she has a distinctive voice.

More importantly we got to see the previews. Matthew's eyes lit up for Plant 51 and my eyes lit up for The Princess and the Frog! Also, for those you playing along at home, there will be a double feature 3D event in theaters in October - Toy Story and Toy Story II. Finally, supposedly on September 23rd, The Wizard of Oz will be in theatres for one night in Hi Def for its 70th Anniversary!

We also went to Hobby Lobby. I forgot how great HL is and we spent about an hour in there wandering the isles!
Matthew really likes Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches and I swear he would eat it every day for every meal a la Bread and Jam For Francis.
Like all kids, Matthew has some crazy ass dreams. Last night due to the above mentioned hacking cough he was up a few times. One time to go potty and Kevin said to me: "I cannot be entirely sure but I think Matthew commented on the color of the walls in the bathroom." Mind you, it was dark in there and we believe he was still asleep mostly but Kevin thought Matthew said in a rather upset tone "I do NOT like the color of the walls in here." Then he went back to bed.

Later he woke up from coughing and he was calling for me. SO I went into this room and told him everything was okay. I believe he was fully awake at that point. Matthew said "Mommy, I cannot go back to sleep. Not with that crab in the house."
"Crab?" I questioned him.
"Yes Mommy that crab. I cannot sleep with the crab in the house."
"hmm, well honey I got rid of the crab. He is NO longer in the house so you can go back to sleep."
"Hmmmkay" he said as he fell back to sleep sucking his thumb and holding his blanket.

Like I said, this parenting gig is weird!
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