Sunday, August 2, 2009


Happy Birthday Marisa! I have been doing this on or around the 2nd of every month since you were born. Forgive me I was a bit late in the early days after you were born. I was awake driving home from a concert at 1:13am and I thought of you at that very moment. It was apt that I was EXHAUSTED all day today!

I cannot believe you are one. ONE. When did that happen. How did the time fly. What a sweet beautiful charming baby you have been. You are starting to be more and more toddler like every day. You have the back arch down pat!! And the clinging to my every movement and not being happy when I put you down. I know it will not last forever and I adore you so much I cannot imagine being annoyed with you.

You are chatty. And your sides are very tickilish. You are busy but mostly with everything you should not be! You are not as big of a fan about baths but you do like climbing especially the stools. You point out what you want and you like to grab everything that you should not. Dinner beware! You love the outdoors and riding in your jog stroller. You will fall asleep without fail when riding in that stroller. You have a lovely huge grin and you are far from shy. You like to wave and smile at everyone. In fact today at Kroger you spent the entire time doing the pagent wave to everyone who would or would not look at you.

You and your brother play so nicely, most of the time! He is very excited to show you everything he knows but he can some times be bossy. That is okay - I think you will be great at telling him to be less bossy!

We celebrated your birthday yesterday with your first taste of cake. You ended up coated in green frosting! Your brother tore through your gifts for you but I know he was just so excited for you because that is what he told me later. You could care a less anyway! You had a great time as did we and it was wonderful to celebrate a year!! with friends who have been there for us through the years!

You had your first trip to the zoo for your first birthday - the same thing we did with Matthew. You loved it. You checked out the people, the animals and the playground. Like Matthew we bought you a stuffed animal, yours was a bear (his was giraffe!) You cuddled it like he did before passing out with exhaustion.

You are my sweet little bug, my Marisa Moo. I am sure I am missing a million other things but I have a whole year to talk about them. Happy First Birthday my beautiful sweet girl! Here is to the most wonderful year ahead!!!

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