Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Daze

We have left or dropped Matthew off a million times in his young life. But we were leaving him at home with a nanny or dropping off at a daycare center or with a friend at her house. However, maybe the difference was this was an actual real life school. With bright eyed cheerful children with backpacks on and teethies missing and bigger kids and little kids and people taking photos in front of the flag pole. OMFG!!! And for some reason today made me teary and I had to choke it all back for fear that all the other parents would see me teary eyed and sob-y. Also, Matthew would have had said "Ahh Mom STOP IT." It was worse then the first times I dropped him off at his first home care situation when he was three months old!

We put his Cars lunch bag in the purple box outside the classroom door along with at least FOUR other Cars lunch bags - there must have been a sale on those at Target! And went into his classroom to see Mrs. W. He hung up his Diego backpack and Matthew tried to comfort the little boy who was crying and clinging to Mrs. W's leg. He gave me a kiss and a half hug and then he was off to check out the different sections of the classroom.

It is a surprisingly beautiful space. Large and inviting. A lot like the Montessori school in many ways which was unexpected! Kevin and I have been impressed the past few days of visiting the school and seeing Matthew's new digs. It is a smallish diverse class which is perfect and I am thrilled for Matthew to get back to being around other kids. He looked me right in the eye on the short drive over to the school and he said "I am a BIG boy now Mommy. Look I can touch the ceiling (of the car) I am SO big." Why yes yes you are baby was all I could think.
My camera would not work this morning - stupid rechargeable batteries and before anyone says anything I keep meaning to buy the disposable kind of batteries but EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I forget. I swear my brain has been leaking out of my ears lately. Thank goodness for Ashley who had her camera in the car so we got a shot of Matthew on his FIRST day of school. I am hoping to do this for both kids throughout the years. There is a story behind the photo thing I want to do - let's just say I have been wanting to do this if I ever had kids since I was in HIGH SCHOOL. Weird, right?!
Kevin was being a bit of a stress-hole this morning. 'Kay I understand I am lackadaisical about time but dude do you realize your freak out stressed kabob behavior gives me freaking nervous tummy and it makes my brains leak out of my ears faster which just causes me to go slower?!
Did you know touching a pregnant woman can essentially make you feel naturally high? Also in 2007, the most babies were born in the US EVER?! And some people can be perceived as addicted to being pregnant a la Octomom! I read this article yesterday (apparently these was a clip on the Today show as well).

It is an interesting theory in a Social Psych kind of way. As an aside, Social Psych was my favorite class of my Psych minor. Well that and Abnormal Psych and General Psych... Hmm I guess that is why I had a Psych minor - I liked it! Any who, I think my point is I am feeling pretty low emotionally, and likely hormonally, so I wish I could find a pregnant woman so I could get to feeling better. What? You thought I was going to say I wish I could get pregnant?! HA! Psych!
We had a retirement party to attend yesterday evening. And Matthew and Marisa went to the Indy Children's Museum with Ashley so we got to see our kids all of maybe an hour or two yesterday. I am a wee bit mopey about this and feeling emotional and weird about life at the moment. I think some of it is that work is, well, work. It is slow and I am trying to make sense of work which is never a good thing. And Matthew started school and is one of the biggest kids there and he is, like, FOUR! And I still cannot believe Marisa is ONE and showing less and less interest in nursing and her needs of me are suddenly reduced and I suspect that lowered interest in nursing/me is likely causing some huge hormonal shift so watch out for me if you see me... I might cry and laugh and rant for no good reason all at one time! Good times people good times...
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