Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Statistical Analysis

Marisa is definitely on a different trajectory than her brother. She is definitely more "lady like", my wee bug. From the way she cocks her foot to the side when she is doing something she should not to the graceful elegance of her fingers.

She still has her baby 'tunder' thighs but she is definitely thinning out, more and more toddler like by the day, by the minute.

She is trying all sorts of new words, closely watching our mouths forming the words then trying them herself. They usually come out as Mama, Dada, Brrrrr, Dogdog, Ahhhh, Pffft... but she is trying. So different.

She is "practicing" walking backward - something I never remember Matthew doing. She grins the whole way. Some times she is pulling the singing light up bug and she begins to laugh so hard she falls on her bum.

She gestures and chatters at my silverware until I get her a spoon and cup. She wants to be Miss Independent. She wants to feed herself and it is messy but fun. The only way to learn.

She watches Matthew's every move. This morning Matthew took his water cup and poured his water. She ran into the kitchen in hot pursuit. She 'yelled' at Daddy until he gave her the sippy cup. Then she went up to the fridge and tried to imitate exactly what Matthew did. Matthew helped her pretend to reach the water and off they both went with their respective water cups and big happy smiles.

She is charming when she enters a room. She walked right into the open door at the doctor's office and she led the way to the room with the nurse. She smiled and waved unprovoked. Her giggle is so infectious that I am nothing but happy around her.

She gives her brother whithering looks when he is being silly. The look is priceless as if to say "little dude knock it off!"

She is all teeth when she smiles, gleaming white, her whole face lights up.

She is average in size according to her 12 month appointment, 29-1/2 inches and 22 pounds 8 ounces. 75 percentile.

And yet she is far from average. You are you. She is the girl who grabs Franklin's stethoscope and rather than banging it on the ground or the table she gingerly threw it around her neck just like Franklin did, turned to her and grinned as if to say 'LOOK at me I am being you!'

She is an adventurer wandering the halls of the doctor's office to see what she can see. She stops to look at the kid's in the room next to hers as the door shuts. Her natural curiosity gets the best of her. She waves at the air and trundles off to the next adventure. To a nap in the car. To get home, to learning, to growing, to a wide open world ahead of her!
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